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After 100 years, we've ripened to perfection

Since 1908, our family has produced fresh fruits and vegetables in the Niagara Peninsula. We are pleased to offer you quality produce from our fields with a focus on taste, nutrition and friendly service! We also offer a unique selection of fruit juices, homemade pies, jam, fruit leather and ice cream. Our garden centre continues to expand and offers a beautiful selection of annual and perennial plants as well as unique garden accents.

13th Bakery offers to help with the final course for Thanksgiving

Let Whitty Farms 13th Street Bakery Marketplace help you prepare for your Thanksgiving Feast.  We are now offering heirloom tomatoes, a multitude of squash and several varieties of apples including my favourite honey crisp.  As you plan your menu we are happy to provide the final course.  Pumpkin or apple pie, pecan or raison butter tarts and many other tasty options will be available.  Our new “Pumpkin Spice Scones” are quickly becoming a fan favourite. Please feel free to call and place an order or just stop in at our 13th Street Bakery location at 1776 Fourth Avenue and choose from the bountiful selection of treats. 

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